Tjhoko Paint – Glaze Clear 250ml

Size – 250 ml

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Get the ultimate protection and a subtle sheen for your Tjhoko Painted surface with Tjhoko Paint Clear Glaze. This 100% Acrylic water-based sealer is the perfect way to enhance and safeguard your work. Make your surface water and UV resistant while enjoying the ease of cleaning with its stain-resistant, washable formula.

For a custom finish, you can easily adjust the level of sheen. Just mix your Glaze with water and apply with a clean microfiber cloth once your paint is dry. Need less sheen? Mix 1:1 with cooled-down boiled water. Want more sheen? Go for a 1 part water to 2 parts Glaze ratio. We recommend waiting overnight for the paint to fully cure before applying the Glaze.

But that’s not all! Tjhoko Paint Clear Glaze is also a versatile solution. Use it as an oil and varnish blocker to prevent wood bleed on your newly painted surface. You can even use it as a medium for adhering various materials like decoupage paper, fabric, and serviettes to your project.

Give your work the protection and finishing touch it deserves with Tjhoko Paint Clear Glaze.


250ml, 25ml


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