Winter Care Tips for Conifers

looking after conifers during winter

As the chill of winter settles in, it’s essential to ensure the well-being of our beloved conifers. These strong trees add structure and greenery to our landscapes all year, but they encounter unique challenges in the colder months. One common menace that poses a threat to conifers, especially Italian cypresses, is the dreaded Italian cypress aphid.

Italian cypress aphids are small insects that can cause a lot of damage to conifer trees in the winter. They suck important nutrients from the leaves of the trees.” To safeguard your conifers against these voracious pests, it’s crucial to take proactive measures. One good way is to spray the conifers or soak the soil around their roots with a special bug-killing chemical.”

Several pesticides are available to combat Italian cypress aphids and other sucking insects effectively. Two notable options are Makhro Koinor Season Long control and Efekto Insecticide granules plus.


Makhro Koinor Season Long Control is a pesticide. It provides full protection against aphids and other sucking insects. The protection lasts for the entire season.

This product protects plants from pests like Italian cypress aphids. It works throughout the plant by being absorbed into the plant’s system.

efekto insecticide granules

Efekto Insecticide Granules Plus are granular insecticides. They should be sprinkled on the soil around the base of conifer trees. After applying, the granules release their active ingredients, and the roots absorb them, spreading throughout the plant. This method provides targeted protection against Italian cypress aphids and other pests while minimizing harm to beneficial insects.

To protect your conifers from Italian cypress aphids, use these pesticides during winter. This will help keep your trees healthy and strong. Include them in your care routine. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions when using pesticides and regularly check your conifers for signs of pests.

Which conifers grow best in Johannesburg?

When selecting plants for your Johannesburg garden, consider the tree’s eventual size, water requirements, and preferred sunlight exposure. Think about how big the tree will grow, how much water it needs, and how much sunlight it prefers.

These factors are important to keep in mind when choosing plants for your garden in Johannesburg. Additionally, choose species that are resistant to common pests and diseases prevalent in the area. In Johannesburg, you can have a beautiful and dark green landscape all year. You can achieve this by choosing the right conifers and taking good care of them.

What is the best position to plant conifers?

  1. Sunlight Exposure: Most conifers thrive in full sun to partial shade. When selecting a planting site, choose an area that receives adequate sunlight for the particular species you’re planting. Some conifers like junipers and cypresses need full sun, while others like yews and arborvitaes can handle partial shade.
  2. Soil Drainage: Conifers generally prefer well-draining soil to prevent waterlogging, which can lead to root rot. Avoid planting them in areas with compacted or poorly draining soil. If your soil is heavy clay or holds water, add compost to improve drainage.

As you prepare your garden for the colder weather ahead, prioritize the care of your conifers—they’ll thank you for it come springtime. With the right precautions and treatments, you can enjoy vibrant, pest-free conifers all year round.

Visit us at Indigo Garden Nursery for more tips and ideas how to look after your conifers this winter!

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